At Cosméthèque we always strive to meet your needs. Through the years, we have bundled your requests and answered them by selecting some of the best brands available in America and abroad:

Our exclusive brand offered solely to our spas and esthetics salons accounts

  • PEVONIA BOTANICA®, the elite natural skincare brand used in prestigious spas worldwide. An extensive selection of in-spa treatments and at-home products, to address every concern, providing unsurpassed spa experience and effective skincare solutions to teens, women, and men of all ages and skin types.
  • FRANCE LAURE® and AQUA-LAURE® lines of Professional Skin Care products, created in France Circa 1960, now made in Canada, sold exclusively through skin care salons, spas and clinics, with an extensive collection of products to treat diverse skin conditions. Backed by Professional Face & Body products and treatments.

Our exclusive brands offered to all salons, spas and beauty professionals

  • SATINESS Waxing-care® the complete European waxing system, featuring a wide range of waxes, suitable for all waxing techniques, formulated with natural ingredients and designed with skin care awareness. Satiness is for Men and Women alike.
  • NEUDERM® Massage and Aromatherapy Oils, the universal pure and healthy massage system comprising the "basics and beyond" essential products for your Aromatherapy treatments and massages.

And more renowned brands among such as:

Silhouet-tone, Equipro, Oakworks, Reflectocil, Combinal, Skinaccents, Colamer, Therabath, Safety-zone, Medipoint, Miss Webril etc.